A short and sweet summary about us.


Our Vision and Mission

Ghostfire Gaming is a publishing venture that started off as a pipe-dream between a small group of like-minded friends. While new to the scene, we are passionate gaming veterans who were raised on the perfect blend of sci-fi, fantasy and horror; which we use to design and build our unique and enthralling world-settings. We only build some of the best campaign-settings, befitting of the worlds greatest roleplaying game.


A journey through how Ghostfire came to be.
  • 2015

    Back when we first met 

    The three of us got to know one another through mutual friends. Through our shared love of all things nerdy, along with our (hilarious) shared sense of humour, we quickly became good friends.

  • 2018

    The Formings of an Idea

    One night around the table, our homebrew hero and dedicated GM Jordon, floated the idea of us creating our own campaign guide to share with the masses. We agreed, knowing that we loved his writing and ideas we figured others would too..

  • 2019

    Our First Kickstarter

    So now we had the idea and our world setting, what next? After having seen many others use Kickstarter to get their ideas beyond concept into reality; we figured we would give it a go. We were blown away! We never thought we would receive the amount of support that the community threw behind us. Not only did they help us fund our Campaign Guide, they helped us unlock every stretch-goal we put forward.

  • The Future

    What does the future hold?

    Having ensured that Grim Hollow is completed to the highest standard; something that is worthy of the support that our community has put behind us. We have plans for Ghostfire Gaming and Grim Hollow, big plans. What are these plans? Roll initiative...